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Madison Snelling


Stephen O’Connor


Prendiville Catholic College , WA


Lower Secondary Category


The photos I have taken showcase a different look into the theme ‘My Backyard’. For many Australians who live in the busy areas of our cities, their idea of a backyard may be the coastline or their backyard cricket pitch; however, many may cherish a place a little more unnatural, like high-rise buildings. A place where they can express themselves through their work, explore new places or simply look in awe at the city.

In my photos, I haven’t photographed my physical backyard as such but rather the transportation to that backyard, whether it be the beach, Mitchell Freeway or Perth city. In the busy, technologically driven society that we live in, I interpreted the theme with an outlook on our current generation’s idea of a ‘metro backyard’. In creating my photos, I captured the light as if it was travelling to somewhere – travelling to its backyard. I chose to take them within the busy streets of Perth to show the different settings of people’s backyards.

My backyard is a place where I can express my creativity and share it with the world. Whether I transport myself to the city to view the local art, to the coast to capture images of the sandy shores, or to the edge of a train station platform where I’m free to go anywhere my mind wants to, I tried to capture the way the light looks as if it has direction in the photograph.

Capturing the light travelling to my backyard, not an image of my backyard itself, portrays the way many choose to travel and transport themselves – physically and spiritually – to their own backyards, while looking at simple things like cars and trains from a different perspective.



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