A Country Backyard


Grace Dillon


Lower Secondary Category


I chose to explore the brief in this way because I didn’t interpret ‘My Backyard’ on literal terms – a small area enclosed by a fence – but rather the land I love spending my time on and grew up playing in.

Because of growing up in this environment, I have learnt to love not only my farm but also the hard work that has been put into getting my ‘backyard’ to become the place it is today, which I displayed in ‘Shearing Shed’. I chose to take my photo at this time of day to capture the rich sunset. I used the warm colours to create a warm, welcoming environment, which I associate my backyard with. I also use the sun in the background of ‘A Boy in a Man’s Hat’ to cancel out the colours in the foreground, allowing the rich colour of the sun to pop by not showing the details of the face in this photo. I allowed my audience to relate to the model depicted in the photos as well. I used the sun to my advantage in ‘Stray Wheat’ to help the wheat look golden, which is the point at which the wheat is ready to be harvested; wheat is one of the main sources of income in country Australia.

I used a shutter speed of 1/1600. By using such a fast shutter speed, I was able to capture the sun without difficulty. My photos are able to explore the theme by not only showing my beloved ‘backyard’ in the way I see it, but also showing someone else enjoying it the way I have and still do. I have presented them in colour again to help the images feel welcoming and warm to my audience.



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