Wild Things


Will Holden


Lower Primary Category


I live in a small apartment in the city with a big backyard. That’s because we live next to Sydney Harbour. There’s lots of nature, like the eastern water dragon, which has long claws and looks like a little dinosaur; to get close, you have to sneak up very quietly or they will run away.

There’s a place next to our house that we call ‘spider alley’. In the photo, you can see the orb weaver female is twenty times as big as the male. Their venom does not harm humans.

Rainbow lorikeets live in my backyard, and they love to feed on wattle and nectar. Their little red beak is very pointy, and they have blue tongues just like giraffes. I love the noise they make, and they are one of the fastest flyers I have ever seen – like a little rainbow dart.

I love to take photos of animals because I want to be a wildlife photographer when I grow up. Nature is my thing that I have loved ever since I was born.



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