The Plants Behind Our House


Jet Leung


Lower Primary Category


I think my backyard has a lot of plants. I love planting in my backyard. It’s fun!

I took these pictures, with a little help from my sister, to show the plants and nature in our backyard. I took a picture of the tree we planted in our backyard the year we moved into our home, as well as the year before I was born, 2010. This tree has been there for a long time; it gives us shade and we grow a lot of things around it. We play around it as well. I also took a picture of our plants that we grow in a tyre. I had help setting the timer, and then I ran and started digging!

I took a picture of a big tree that goes over our backyard. I took it at night because it’s the coolest at night. There are possums and animals that go onto the tree, and when we shine a flashlight at it, we can see the mother and baby animals.

These formed The Plants Behind Our House.



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