Within and Without


Leighton Beman


Trevor Dunbar


Canberra Grammar School, ACT


Upper Secondary Category


Rather than looking through the perspective of an outsider, in my work, I’ve attempted to show the site of friendship and youth community, and my own place within it, from within it. As well, I have given the outsider some perspective into our attitudes and youth culture.

The depiction being portraiture, instead of the traditional use of landscape to symbolise ‘a sense of place’, I have used the figure to signify the different states of being and the complex nature of adolescence. I’ve tried to capture the unknown and grey area between youth and adulthood, focusing on this metaphysical state. A sense of the interior landscape.

I’ve used techniques such as the low shutter speed as a means to depict this transient state. Capturing the movement and the haziness of where we truly belong, as well as the way we constantly strive for meaning and ‘a sense of place’ in ourselves and our communities.

The works all cohesively fit together in the theme, techniques and style, to show this side of us. The way we act. The way we treat the world around us. The way we form a sense of self, and find a place where we can blissfully belong.

The location of the shoot was the home of my best friend. We live in suburbia and find access to each other easily. We come together to make music and find an alternative way of being. We deal with changing expectations on us. We strive to make strong connections with others who think like us and expand upon our own understanding of this new state of being. I wanted to show that this state of flux happens in everyday settings, like our family homes within the suburbs. It is a conceptual fluxus in an ordinary setting.



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