The Place We Find Home


Ethan Zahorodnyj


Miss Laura Newman


Point Cook Senior Secondary College, Vic.


Upper Secondary Category


‘Home – A poem’

I felt at home.
I felt at home, not within my own house
But the surroundings of it.
I felt at home with what I made
Beautiful; with what felt like home.
And even though you are not
Home with me
As we speak,
I can only hope too
You are in a place you can call

– Ethan Zahorodnyj, 12 September 2016

All my photos I took for this composition are ones I took or things I had in my home. The flower: a dying flower in the backyard, symbolic of how nothing beautiful lasts forever. The flower is long dead now, but in its last few days it bloomed more beautifully than ever. The street lamp: a lamp viewed from outside my bedroom window. What once used to never turn off for years gone dark after one night when the bulb just stopped working and the council changed it to LED. Whenever I was upset, I’d watch it from my bedroom window, as if it was lighting the road to help me along my way. And the stars: out of all the known and unknown planets, star systems and suns, I have the privilege of living life right here. Right now.

(All photos were shot on Canon 760d and are my own and edited on Adobe Photoshop and VSCO cam.)



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