Molly Wildes


Mr Zomer


Beaconhills College – Berwick Campus, Vic.


Upper Secondary Category


My intention for my images were to express to my audience how anyone can perceive a location differently. I chose my locations based on what I saw as beautiful and amazing and that I could easily contrast with a different location. I knew I wanted to get images from sunrises to sunsets or even a bit boring locations to test whether or not I was able to create something amazing from it. For my images in darker locations I used a slower shutter speed with a low aperture to let as much light in as I could and then I further manipulated the shutter speed, aperture and ISO to get my desired image. For the brighter and more exposed locations I used a higher shutter speed and aperture so my final image wouldn’t be overexposed. My photos convey a sense of my locations through my use of contrast with another location. It makes the audience confused when they first see it but when they look closer they are able to see and appreciate the locations I have chosen and are able to see that even some locations that appear boring give off beauty at times that some may not be able to notice. I hope my audience is able to perceive my images as their own, without bias, and imagine being in that moment and seeing the location in real time.



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