Sophia Dolferus


Narrabundah College, ACT


Upper Secondary Category


The three images from this series were taken in James Turrell’s Skyspace installation at the National Gallery of Australia. I chose to shoot the images at this location as it is one of my favourite locations to take photos at and to visit. I am also fascinated by the way that James Turrell explores light in his artwork. The skyspace has become a popular place for photographers, resulting in many clichéd images being produced. I wanted to avoid reproducing these images and captured the Skyspace from my own unique perspective.

The images were all shot on 35mm black-and-white film. I did this because I love the contrast and detail that the film provides, and by shooting in black and white, greater attention is paid to the lighting of the skyspace. I purposely decided to capture the images on a sunny day as this would result in greater contrast and harsher shadows. I also decided to use a faster shutter speed, which ultimately was a good decision because this enabled me to capture the photograph of the young boy about to enter the Skyspace. Little post-production editing was done to the images as each image was carefully composed and camera settings were carefully considered before capturing each image. The three images that I have selected impart a sense of place as they explore the Skyspace from different distances and angles, and from my own unique perspective.



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