Alter Egos


RJ Pollard


Guildford Grammar School, WA


Upper Secondary Category


Point Peron is a small stretch of rocky coastline that I have explored a countless number of times over past few years. I’ve experienced all sorts of conditions there: balmy evenings, chilly mornings, gale winds and dark thunderstorms.

These three images work to show off the range of conditions that I have encountered photographing Point Peron. Each one is taken in different light, at different times of the year. I’ve chosen to use a wide-angle lens for these shots as it allows me to get creative with foreground elements like rocks and waves, which really help draw the viewer into the image. With this in mind, I’ve worked with a varying range of shutter speeds in each. The difference between one second and one-tenth of a second can dramatically change the look of an image, especially with regard to seascapes. I’ve chosen shutter speeds that best suit what I experienced whilst taking the shot, whether that be a wave crashing towards me or an ebbing tide.

I’ve tried to capture the mood of each shot in the processing of my images, and what I believe largely imparts the theme, ‘a sense of place’. Although they are all from the same place, each image has been taken in completely different conditions, allowing for each shot to express a different mood or feeling. Together, I believe that these images highlight the raw and rocky coastal landscape, whilst also displaying a complete range of tamed and wild conditions that Point Peron exhibits, all of which have their own beauty.



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