Light Trails


Ephraim Koay


Erin Rabot


Keysborough College – Acacia Campus, Vic.


Lower Secondary Category


I have three photos of Melbourne, my home city:

1. ‘40 Seconds of Melbourne’
Taken at Southbank, Melbourne City. I love this photo, it represents my love for long exposure photography. The name ‘40 Seconds of Melbourne’ refers to the shutter speed, which was as the name refers to: forty seconds. I took this photo whilst testing out a Manfrotto tripod. My family and I stopped to see this stunning view, and I took twenty photos: ten in one direction, and ten in the other. When I came home, I stacked the images in Photoshop then merged them both into a panorama.

2. ‘Spiderman’s View’
This image was taken at the Eureka Skydeck, Melbourne.

Before I even went to the city that day, I had everything planned out. I made sure tripods were allowed, and I brought spare SD cards and such. I made sure I get the most out of this trip. When I got there, the first angle I went for was this shot. It looks down the highways, and the reflection of the side of the tower. It’s what Spiderman would see if he hung of the side of tower.

3. ‘Herald Sun Light Trails’
This photo was taken across the Herald Sun building in Melbourne (duh). This photo was taken whilst catching Pokémon with my family one night. We were walking along the Yarra river and I found a very popular spot for photographers!



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