A Sense of Place


Mitchell Burrows


Katrina New


Rouse Hill Anglican College, NSW


Lower Secondary Category


I chose the location of UTS (University of Technology Sydney) as my place. The buildings are of great architectural beauty, but the spaces and walkways where the students move create great opportunities to observe them as they go about their everyday life.

I shot these images when the area was fairly isolated so that I could isolate the subjects to create a sense of loneliness, although it was a very busy precinct.

The image ‘Captured’ was taken through a vertical blind.

The image ‘Along the Tracks’ was taken from a walkway looking down on the subject as she moved along the road. I used the old railway tracks as a leading line in the composition.

The image ‘Going Up’ was taken to demonstrate the graphics of the escalator.

The image ‘Captured’ was cropped from the bottom to add more drama.

I have presented them as monochrome images again to add to the sense of isolation in this space.

My images impart ‘A Sense of Place’ showing the everyday life of the students that use this wonderful facilty



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