Zac McDougall


Mrs Shannon Hardy


Kahibah Public School, NSW


Primary Category


This is my home beach, Blacksmiths Beach in New South Wales, where Lake Macquarie comes out into the ocean. We call it ‘Blackies’. I chose this location as I spend most of my time here, either in the water or on the beach. I love living near the beach, it is my favourite place. The mood of the beach changes from day to day. Each day I come home from school I run across to see what mood she is in.

I chose to shoot my pictures on Father’s Day, which was a bright sunny day. Blackies was in a great mood. The colours of the water really stood out and even though the ocean looked like a lake out to sea, the surf was dumping down on the shore. My photos show how even on a gentle day, when all is calm, the ocean can go from soft dancing foam around a rock on the shore to mean and dark. The ocean has so many moods.

To take my photos I had a fast shutter speed (1/500) to capture the movement of the waves. I slightly cropped the photos to get the best part of the picture.



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