Outside in the Open


Tilly Christy


Mrs Frost


Matakana Primary School, NZ


Primary Category


All three photos were taken using my mum’s camera and were taken on the same day. I chose my photos as they are taken at my home and capture things that happen naturally and where I feel safe and comfortable, which I believe totally captures a sense of place.

The landscape view is taken from my home, with views out to the ocean. My mum loves the view and that is why we bought the house. It is our little bit of paradise. The photo was taken early in the morning and captures the clouds sitting in the valley. It gives an aura of calmness and tranquility creating a real sense of place.

The photo of the flower is the day before it fully opens. The light naturally appears to highlight the natural colour of the flower and captures the beauty of the flower, giving the overall feeling of a sense of place.

The morning dew glistens on the blades of grass, before the sun manages to burn it away. The natural beauty captured by zooming in, editing the photo with a filter and increasing the brightness means you see the small droplets of water and can imagine them tickling your toes when you walk across the grass, creating a sense of place.

All photos were cropped to achieve size requirements.



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